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B2B Community Booster | Live & Online Training

In this training you will learn how to design, build and optimize a LinkedIn driven sales funnel and growth loops to boost your B2B community and consistently attract new business or partnerships. 
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What's included?

This is a fully personalised online training. It consists of 2x four hour live sessions AND 2x one hour follow up sessions after the training. With guided exercises, pre-filled templates and our help you will design, build and optimize a LinkedIn driven client acquisition and retention system to grow your business. 

After this training you'll be able to...

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Design sales funnels & growth loops

Learn how to design a process which will find and convert strangers into loyal and referring clients.

Run reach out campaigns at scale

During the training you'll discover and gain experience with smart online tools to scale your impact.

Hyper target your ideal prospects

Use the search functionality on LinkedIn correctly to hyper target your ideal prospects. 

Apply the growth hacking process

To identify high potential growth opportunities throughout the entire sales funnel in order to optimise it.

Apply effective social selling  

To get in touch with prospects, start building authentic relationships and get them in video calls. 

Work smarter and not harder

Learn how to save 80% of your time and money by focussing on the right 20% of your market.


Pre-training preparations 

  • Intake and onboarding (intake survey, set training dates, login to academy and tooling)

Day 1. Setup & Fundamentals 

  • Create your ideal client or partner profile
  • Design your data-driven sales funnel and growth loops
  • Intro to growth hacking, the rapid experimentation framework
  • Intro to effective social selling on LinkedIn
  • Access and setup of the SPINUP Booster app (our secret scaling sauce)
  • Data mining hacks to hyper target your ideal prospects

Day 2. Implement & Optimize 

  • Execute your LinkedIn reach out campaign
  • Create or curate valuable content for your target audience 
  • Strategies to nurture and activate your b2b network
  • Identify high potential growth experiments to optimize your sales funnel
  • Adopting the 80/20 growth mindset to work smarter and not harder
  • Managing performance (analytics and reporting)

Follow-up Sessions 

  • 2x One-Hour mentoring session dedicated to whatever you need for a successful next step
  • Frequent group sessions and webinars to keep you and us sharp, inspired and motivated

What others are saying...

"The success of our business is because of our strong suit, the ability to inspire people with stories, events and other content. The growth hacking approach and mindset is something I want to encourage in my team. When I first met Jeremy he came over like a walking Growth-Hacking encyclopedia. Jeremy really added value for us through his growth hacking training. He showed my team how to think like a growth hacker, and also how to design and implement growth experiments. We also got examples and tools needed to get started right away"

Mike Rijkers, Director @Innovate.Today NL

"We believe that growth hacking is a great methodology which startups should be aware of and use for their growth. Jeremy is a very knowledgeable and experienced growth hacker. He can not only talk about the content thoroughly but also knows how it works from his own experiences as entrepreneur by applying the growth hacking principles" 

Julian Jacob, Program Manager Smart Energy @Rockstart

"Very good experience. The content was very well prepared by Jeremy. I especially liked his adaptations, with good examples relevant to my specific requirements discussed beforehand. As well, the content was very well adapted to what is relevant for a Marketing Director who leads growth hackers within his/her team. Furthermore, Jeremy is a very good teacher. He explains all the topics very clearly and has a very friendly approach. The training was 4.5 hours, which he succeeded in making not just useful/productive but also enjoyable and fun"

Beltran Dobao, Global Marketing Director @Philips

"To leverage the exponential potential of our marketplace for secondary materials we want to take a data driven approach in our growth process. We think growth-hacking can be the right approach to achieve growth. The workshop Jeremy gave was above expectation due to the tailored examples of how to apply growth hacking for the EME. We will definitely continue working with the toolset and expertise of SPINUP. 

Maayke Damen, Co-founder @Excess Materials Exchange

Meet the instructor

Jeremy Croes, MSc

Jeremy is as sustainability professional, circular economy specialist, business developer, full funnel growth strategist and marketer with over 20 years of experience. He founded SPINUP because this allows him to independently combine all his passions and skills into one.

He fulfilled the role of Head of Growth at four innovative startups and he enjoys teaching people how to design LinkedIn driven funnels, kickstart and optimize them.
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