"We're on a mission to empower future proof businesses to grow their positive impact and speed up the transition towards more sustainable, safe and inclusive economies"

SPINUP provides growth services predominantly for brands dedicated to speeding up the global transition towards more sustainable, safe and inclusive economies.

We provide our services within the complete customer journey, from first contact until closing the deal.

With a network of 20.000+ professionals within the area of sustainability, cybersecurity and innovation we can help you make more impact with your business in Europe.

Our local market presence combined with extensive experience managing end-to-end business development campaigns has given organizations the opportunity to build authentic and long lasting business relationships within uncharted territories.

Not only are we future-oriented when it comes to the companies we help, but also with the strategies, methods and tools we use to achieve your growth objectives.  

We are dedicated to continuously learn about the latest innovations around social selling, data-driven marketing and sales funnel optimization, so that we can deliver desired results in a cost-effective manner.
"I'm on a personal mission to empower at least 10.000 persons to launch or grow their circular economy business or initiative. SPINUP enables me to combine all my passions  (growth hacking, business development and the circular economy) and drive value for future proof businesses or organisations"

Jeremy Croes, Founder & CEO @SPINUP

"I want to enable ambitious and future proof brands to create the impact they want and help them to build long lasting business relationships that truly add value''

Jasper Bakker, Head of Business Development @SPINUP

Meet our team

Jasper Bakker

Head of Business Development
Jasper has a background in technical recruitment, business development and SaaS. He is specialised in effective social selling, loves the outdoors and is always up to date when it comes to business podcasts. 

Jeremy Croes

Founder & CEO
Jeremy is as sustainability professional, circular economy specialist, business developer, full funnel growth strategist and digital marketer with over 20 years of experience. 

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