100% Done-For-You LinkedIn Lead Generation 

Scale your leads on LinkedIn and drive consistent revenue.
SPINUP sends proven and personalised messages to your ideal clients on LinkedIn .
You just sit back and watch the positive responses roll in.

Data-driven hyper targeting on LinkedIn, copywriting and implementation

We run high performing, successful and safe LinkedIn campaigns in every industry.  After hyper targeting key decision makers we engage with and send them directly into your sales funnel. 

We do the outreach and you close the deals, this is how it works in a nutshell:

1. Create a hit list

Build a hyper targeted hit list of your dream clients on LinkedIn.

2. Write the messages

Write clear and personalised cold outreach messages.

3. Reach thousands 

Send 1000+ messages to your ideal prospects per month.

4. Close more deals

Get notified when leads respond so that you can close the deal.

Pricing 100% done-for-you lead generation

Schedule a free consultation to take advantage of our current special beta prices. 

The Starter Package

€297 per month

We take care of doing the outreach and you manage the prospects. 
  • Create hyper targeted hit list
  • Personalised and multi-step messaging strategy
  • 600+ connection requests per month
  • Introduction message to all new connections
  • Follow-up message for those that did not respond
  • Weekly reporting  call 
  • Monthly strategy call
  • Full time support

The Pro Package

€597 per month

We do the outreach AND we also get sales calls booked into your calendar.  
  • Everything in the Starter Package plus:
  • Daily inbox management
  • Manual messages to those that respond to the connection requests 
  • Leads are evaluated and flagged for you 
  • Account manager replies on your behalf 
  • AND can also book calls on your calendar 
  • Get notified when a lead needs your attention
  • Deeper insights into campaign  performance and advice

The Super Prospector Package

€897 per month

We do everything in THE PRO PACKAGE + setup warm email campaigns.
  • We'll scrape emails of all new connections
  • Write a multi-stepped email campaign
  • Setup and run semi-automated warm email campaigns to fill your sales funnel
  • Monitor responses and clicks
  • Automated email follow up
  • Weekly reporting
  • Integration with your CRM
  • VIP Client Support

Frequently asked questions

Why should we work with SPINUP?

1. We are one of the few agencies who have very affordable packages for startups and SMEs, and which offer fully managed campaigns AND integration with CRM for under €1000 per month.

2. Our approach is battle tested and proven. SPINUP is a complete done-for-you LinkedIn lead generation agency, we do all the top of funnel work for you.

3. The safety of your account is our priority and we have never gotten an account banned. We are more than just a service, we are your reliable partner. 

4. Our team is 100% remote, 90% EU based and fluent in English, Dutch, German and Spanish. A team you can truly trust with your LinkedIn account. 

5. Our founder/CEO is a corporate sustainability professional and circular economy specialist with over 20 years of experience. Somewhere along the way he got into growth marketing, lead gen, sales and business development. We have vast experience with guiding future proof businesses and their complex ecosystems.

What type of results can I expect from this service?

On average we see these results per month when using The Professional Package:

  • 600+ connection requests 
  • 100 - 300 new connections  
  • 10 - 30 warm leads generated 
  • 5 - 15 booked calls

Please note that these are averages and no guarantee of your personal results as every business is unique with varying offers, prices, experience and credibility in different markets.

How safe is this for my LinkedIn account?

We have run over 100 campaigns and ZERO bans.

There is an element of risk involved here which is why you should really care about who you partner up with.

These are the most important measures we have taken to protect your account:

1. A dedicated IP/Proxy for every single account;
2. Safe limits for daily activities; 
3. We monitor pending requests and withdraw older ones for you; 
4. We create relevant, high converting and engaging messages;
5. Our software solution is cloud based to execute the activity; 
6. We also plan the work in interval burst as most people 
naturally do; 
7. Our campaigns will run in YOUR time zone.

 How do we track the results?

We keep track of campaign results and metrics through our custom client dashboard. You can get access if you wish to this after the onboarding. Also every week you will get a performance report and call from your account manager.

What types of companies does SPINUP work with?

We work mostly with small and medium sized business across the globe (but mainly in Europe) who are dedicated to speeding up the global transition towards more sustainable, safe and inclusive economies. It doesn't really matter in which industry you are active, our done-for-you lead generation service works in every industry and also for not-for-profits.

Does SPINUP need to get access to my LinkedIn account? 

Yes, it's needed. During the onboarding call we will gain access to your account. This is what makes the formula work. Besides, our campaigns will grow your LinkedIn network with the people you want to serve. You can always retarget these individuals at zero costs as they are within you network. This added personal touch in the outreach will also drastically increase positive responses .

What is SPINUP's refund policy for this service?

We do not offer any refunds after you sign up. This is because of  the amount of custom work and time it requires to craft your strategy, create a hyper targeted hit list, write persuasive cold sales messages, and manage your campaign. 

How long does it take to get started with this?

We strive to get your campaigns live within 7 business days after purchasing.

What if I don't have enough budget for this?

We help you generate qualified leads. Try to see it this way, how much would you pay for a lead who is interested in your value proposition and is willing to have a conversation with you? We provide 5-10 b2b leads per month,  if you close  just 1 of these, SPINUP will have most likely paid for itself.

Let us help you make LinkedIn work for your business!

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