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Enter our giveaway to win 1 month of The SPINUP Starter Package (worth €297). This means setting up a hypertargeted Linkedin Campaign, where we will kickstart conversations with your ideal prospects on your behalf and get them in video calls with you. As long as you haven't won before you'll remain eligible to participate every month. The more people you invite, the more chances you have of winning. 

This giveaway is mainly for owners, (co-)founders, business developers, sales representatives or anybody else who is (partially) responsible for attracting new clients or partners. To get the most out of this your company needs to have at least a defined product or service. It does not matter in which phase your organisation is. We can help you get product-market fit, scale or enter new markets.

Also, your company or organisation has to contribute explicitly to sustainable development in one way or another. We always have the right to reject any submission without notice, and to stop this giveaway at any given time.

Please come back to this page regularly to check your entries after signing up. 
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